Công dụng máy lăn ren

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Ngày nay đời sống sản xuất được nâng cao, công cụ máy móc được đưa vào sản xuất để nâng cao năng suất, chất lượng của sản phẩm cũng như tiết kiệm được nhân công, thời gian cũng như sức lực con người, trong ngành xây dựng cái tên máy lăn ren hay máy lăn ren đã trở nên quen thuộc, loại thiết bị này được sử dụng cho loại thép mới và loại thép cũ, loại máy này có nhiều tính năng, nguyên lý và chú ý khi sử dụng. Như mọi người  đã biết khi làm việc để đạt hiệu quả tốt nhất cần có sự chuẩn bị kỹ lưỡng, cũng như vậy khi sử dụng máy móc chúng ta cũng cần phải nắm rõ nguyên lý , tính năng và chú ý khi sử dụng để đạt được hiệu quả an toàn nhất.
Về tính năng đầu tiên máy sẽ cạo đi phần rỉ sét bên ngoài, sau đó lưỡi cán sẽ lăn và tạo nên các đường ren. Đầu ren sẽ có kích thước chuẩn theo tiêu chuẩn.
Nguyên lý trước khi vận hành máy phải kiểm tra máy trước kĩ trước khi vận hành, kiểm tra xem đã đổ nước hòa tan với dầu làm mát máy chưa, xem đã lựa chọn đúng loại dao cán ren chưa.

Khi khởi động cần chú ý kiểm tra sự vận hành của máy, nếu phát hiện sự bất thường phải cho máy dừng lại ngay để kiểm tra và xử lý.
Về phần chú ý: tuyệt đối không vận hành máy khi chưa có chất lỏng làm mát máy được hòa tan với nước. Kiểm tra đầu của thanh thép có phẳng không, không được uốn theo hình chữ u.Máy nên được hoạt động thường xuyên. ở các bộ phận trượt của máy cần được tra dầu mỡ để giảm độ ma sát lại. Trong quá trình vaabj hành các mạt sắt cần được đổ đi thường xuyên, và dung dịch làm mát máy cần được thay sau khoảng 4-15 ngày.
Trên đây là những tính năng , nguyên lý và chú ý. Máy móc sẽ được hoạt động tốt nhất và tạo ra sản phẩm đạt yêu cầu nếu chúng ta chú ý đến cách sử dụng.

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From being loved to being banned

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The tale of the much loved Samsung Galaxy Note 7 took a nasty turn when one of the produced devices exploded recently. Researchers at Samsung trying to understand what is causing the batteries of Samsung Galaxy Note to explode seem to have reached a dead end. As a consequence the company has stopped manufacturing this model, thereby in a way declaring that Galaxy Note 7 is dead. But that is still not being able to being a closure to the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 bans.

Despite Samsung’s brave move of putting an end to the influx of this defective model in the market, many believe that this move in just not enough. The fear seems to be riding high and airlines seems to be in a mood to consider any flier bring a Samsung Galaxy Note 7 on board.

Recently, the India’s DGCA has banned the carriage of Samsung Galaxy Note7 in any Indian air carriers. The call comes at a time when many international and Indian airlines like Vistara and jet Airways have banned Note7 from being carried in their aircraft. In India Note 2 is also banned after it explored in an Indigo aircraft. Now the Turkish Airlines had made it mandatory for its passengers from carrying a Note 7 in their luggage.

Now we hear that not only the Federal Aviation Administration has banned Galaxy Note 7 from being carried in hand baggage or checked in baggage but also the US’s Department of Transportation has made a similar announcement that bans this smartphones from October 15, 2016. plane_flying_600px1

Even Germany’s Lufthansa has banned the transport of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 in its flights. The ban doesn’t just stop here. Countries like Korea, Japan, Australia and New Zealand have also banned the phone from being carried in any of its aircrafts. And travelers who chose to defy the newly laid rules will have to abstain from carrying the phone. In case people a caught carrying Note 7 then they shall have their phones confiscated.

Some aircrafts have even come up with idea of introducing fire containment bags where these mobiles are to zip locked. However, one needs to understand that amidst all, the unfortunate incident has definitely brought to fore the risks of using lithium-ion batteries. It has also highlighted the highly inflammable nature of such batteries.

All this however, is just not letting the panic subside. In the wake of many airlines and countries calling a ban on the phone, the manufacturer has labeled the product dead and has called back all Samsung Galaxy Note 7 from all regions where it had been officially launched.

The company has even decided to swap Note 7 at the Canadian Airport. Amidst all there are fresh reports of Samsung setting up similar kiosks in other airports to swap the defective note 7 with better handset options from Samsung.

This unfortunate tragedy seems to have really slowed down the aggression with which Samsung was taking on iPhone 7. So, if you are fan of Samsung or own a Galaxy Note 7 then it’s high time for you bring about a change in your handset.

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Keep Improving yourself and Your Business

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Always Keep Improving

They say you are never too old or young to keep learning. No truer is this then when it comes to owning a business. Owners should adapt their businesses depending on how the society works, every business needs to be online no matter which industry, sector or niche you serve, it is important to stay abreast of all the latest industry trends and developments. It wouldn’t be that crazy if you invest some time into SEO optimization of your website and your social sites  It is equally important to keep reading and acquiring knowledge from industry professionals, colleagues, friends, and even loved ones. Remember, the more information you access the better you can improve your business and social life. According to industry experts, self improvement is the key to becoming more aware of your strengths. This can result in you setting higher goals, while staying humble and thankful for everything you have.

Never Brag or Boast

As part of the self improvement process, you should never brag or boast about your accomplishments or accolades. Sadly, many people that own businesses tend to get caught up in competing or outshining their competitors. While competition is essential in business, never lose sight of your dreams and overall goals. Never ever put passion in front of principle as well. Simply stay humble and learn all you need to learn about your business and its trends and demands. This will keep you ahead of the crowd, while establishing your business as a true professional and competitive entity across the board. With self improvement, you will also boost confidence levels and your staff, employees, and even family members will appreciate you for being honest, original, and simply yourself.

Ways to Learn More

There is never a shortage of leaning materials and resources. This includes books, magazines, trade publications, and other materials. The Internet remains the best and fastest way to access all the information you need. This can include customer buying trends, along with information on how to build and grow your business online. You can even attend motivational speeches, or work with a mentor in your field to expand your business and personal horizons.

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How To Get Your Website Mobile Friendly

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mobile phone

Nowadays, many people use their mobile phones to access websites. In 2014, it was estimated that mobile phones overtook desktops as the primary device which people were using to access the internet. That is what let Google to recently publish websites which were not mobile friendly in its so-called Mobilegeddon. Having a good mobile-friendly website is very important for any website owner. When you are building your website, it is important to make it more mobile friendly as you will be expecting many people to be visiting it from their mobile phones. In this article, I have collected some tips on how to get your website mobile friendly.

Use responsive design

This design allows website developers create a website that is very easy to view from any mobile phone. Therefore, it reduces the work the developers will have to do since it uses flexible layouts, cascading style sheet media queries, and flexible images. The design allows Web Pages to detect the visitors screen size and orientation resulting to it changing the orientation automatically.

Use standard fonts

Font sizes and button sizes matter a lot when it comes to mobile devices. Instead of having users zoom in order to read your content, you can make it easier for them through adjusting your font size to a maximum legibility. You should only go smaller only when it comes to labels and forms. The buttons should be bigger to reduce the chances of the user missing it or hitting the wrong one.

Use high-resolution images

To ensure that your website mobile users experience is of a high standard, you should only use high-resolution images. You should also give your images a maximum width of 100% to ensure that they are automatically resized when they are too big for a mobile device. This helps you avoid having blurry images when viewed on a high-quality screen.

Use extra spaces cautiously

The most common technique of showing long strings of numbers to users is splitting them up into 5 letter groups with a blank space between them. This is to allow users memorize five digits at a time in case they are typing them in another application. Instead of displaying the blank spaces after every five letter groups, you can wrap up the five letter groups in an element and include some padding in between them.

Remove the default zoom

When it comes to images and navigation content, the auto zoom feature can really mess up their layout. Auto-zoom can make them appear either smaller or too large in the layout. You can prevent this by using the Viewport Meta tag in setting up custom variables in the content.

Test it using different mobile phones

Now that you have your responsive website, it is important to test it not once but twice. You should be able to test it two or three times on an Android phone, iPhone and Windows phone, and even on different tablets. While testing it, you should give attention to every page, buttons, and user actions. With all these, there should not be a reason why your website should not be mobile friendly.

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A Web Design Veteran Starts Their Day

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I open my eyes as thoughts go rushing through my mind of what needs to be done today. Logos. Web site tweaks from the clients. CSS bug fixes. Responding to emails. Feeding my dogs. Outsourcers. Getting a good workout in. Needing to spend more time with my girlfriend because my successful web design business consumes me. These thoughts all happen before my feet hit the ground from the comfort of my warm bed.

But as someone so passionate about what they do and the clients they help. I excitedly jump out of bed to get my day started.

The dogs take first priority, then the training regimen challenges me and also gives me time to think more about what I need to do. After a proper post workout meal, and getting cleaned up… The real business begins (as long as I have a source of caffeine nearby).

I start by responding to important emails and sending out some of my own. I usually discipline myself to look at emails only 4-5 times throughout the day. Same time is dedicated with social media. Don’t get me started on how I think people waste their lives being “connected” and spewing noise on those networks.

Then the majority of my day is spent working directly with partners, colleagues and within code and graphic infrastructures. I won’t bore you with the details but you guys all know what that’s all about.

Keep coming back and check out my random blog posts. Thanks!! 🙂

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Free Logo Design Online Software

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A logo design plays an imperative role when you want to enhance the image of your business. That’s why the business owners prepare fresh and huge plans to attain such logo which can make their business successful and a good image in front of their competitors. There are several types of logos which can be attained as per the theme of your business. If you have your own business and want to make an attract logo for your business, then you may consider the option of logo designs prepared online.

logo design

Why is a logo design important for a business?

An attractive logo covers the message, products, service, and image of a business. Many companies pay a huge amount to get an eye-catching logo for their business. The creation of an attractive logo has a great importance and has worth. Many successful companies are sensible in selecting a logo that can give the right image, high standards and more. The logos can also be called as a road sign which gives some hints about the companies profile and their character.

Some of the advantages of a logo design are as follows:

  1. The logo designs are designed as per your taste and requirement.
  2. Many designers meet the owner and decide everything which includes styles, layout, colors, and fonts.
  3. A catchy logo design will help you to improve your own incomparable image so that you will be able to compete with your competitors.
  4. It will also help you to achieve your target and you will get many ways to promote your business.
  5. The logo designs do not have advantages only, but also, it has few limitations which are as follows:
  6. You have to pay a huge amount for an actual, marvelous and energetic design.
  7. The procedures and modifications are very time taking.
  8. The frustration develops when it is delayed.

How to get a logo designed?

If you want to make a great logo for your business, then you have to hire a designer or an artist who can make an attractive design for your logo. They will ask for a huge amount of money because creating a professional design is not an easy task. It needs a proper format, layout, styles, font and colors.

How can you create a professional logo online?

If you have some ideas about designing and want to explore it then there is an easy way to explore your ideas which is none other than an online designing store. There are numerous online designing sites from where you can easily make your own professional designs for your business. Also, there are some sites, where they suggest many innovative designs which may help you to make your designs much better.

It will be not difficult for you to select the best place from where you can design your own logo. You can have a search on the internet and also you can visit Photoshop where you can get many ideas for making a professional logo. Alternatively, you can visit social media which is very helpful for selecting the best place for designing.

It has been observed that some of them do not charge anything, but if they charge then they charge less amount of money. To create a professional design online is a very simple work. You just have to enter the name of your business and design it as you want at the free logo design online software. When all procedures are done, then the owner of the site will give it a fresh and a professional look which will not take much time. So, when it is prepared, you can download it as per your convenience whenever you wish.


Coming to the end of the article, you have come to know about the benefits and limitations of creating a professional designed logo for your business. It is very important to make an eye-catching logo for your business as it will help you a lot to attract more people to your business and also you will be able to compete with your competitors.

An attractive logo also makes your reputation and standards high, which is an actual benefit of a business. So, create a wonderful logo for your business and make it popular as much as you can.

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Get More Organic Traffic To Your Website

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SEOGood SEO optimization is not enough if you are just starting out as a creator wanting to get your content found on the Internet. You either have to pay for the traffic by promoting it through Facebook or Google+ or other pay for view services, or you have to manually and organically promote your content yourself, which takes a considerable amount of work when just starting out.

To have a well-optimized website for Google, you need to pay attention to on-page and off-page factors. By adopting a multi-faceted strategy, you can reduce your risks and give yourself a better chance to rank well on top search services. You could possibly employ the services of an SEO and web design expert in Irvine to help you.

Title tag: your title tag is the most important tag on your page. Don’t forget to use your top keywords here.

Header: header elements are also considered very important by search-engines. Your phrases should be included here as well.

Incoming Anchor Text: if you are building links, you should ask your partners to include your top words in the anchor texts of those links. That way engines rank you higher for those terms (depending on the quality of your partners).

Link Quality: it’s not about quantity. Your quality partners are more important and can determine where your rank.

Age of Site: the older your domain, the better chance you have of getting out of Google’s sandbox faster.

Internal structure: not only you should get others to link to you, you should also link to your own pages. Use the right anchor texts to help sites such as Google figure out why you pages are important.

Content body: you should use your top words on your pages. Your keyword density should be anywhere between 3-5%.

Server Status: if your server goes down and stays down for a long time, Google and other engines may penalize you, so invest in a good hosting to avoid this issue.

New Media: social networking, social bookmarking, and video content are all great ways to get ranked high on search sites these days. That may change, but if you want to create fresh, killer content, make sure you use the social media to go viral.

Today, there is no better way to attract organic traffic to your website than using article marketing. This tool will allow you to offer your potential clients the kind of information they need and earn their trust in the process.

Here’s how you can make money with article marketing:

  1. Go with topics that are related to your products and services. If you want to attract those people who are most likely to buy from you, you will need to write about topics that are closely relevant to your offerings. For instance, if you are targeting those people who would like to purchase wedding dresses, you must write about topics that are closely related to wedding dresses such as custom-made wedding gowns, where to buy the cheapest wedding gowns, designer wedding gowns, etc. These topics will surely grab the attention of your potential clients and will help you get these people to visit your website through your resource box.
  2. Make your articles benefit-driven. You can attract more attention online if you stress out the benefits that your readers can get from your content. For instance, if you are writing about SEO, you can tell your readers how SEO can boost their page ranking and how it can help them succeed online. By doing so, your readers will not feel that they are just wasting their time reading your copies.
  3. Know your audience. Getting to know your readers can tremendously help you in making your marketing strategies more effective and more targeted. So, before you start writing your articles, get to know the needs and demands of your potential clients. Learn what they would like to know about and how they want you to deliver the information they need.
  4. Volume is the key. If you want to improve your sales and revenue, you must consider attracting more people to your website. You can do this by multiplying the number of your articles. As you know, more articles will lead to more inbound links, higher page ranking, and more quality traffic.

How can you drive internet traffic to your website

Use long tail keywords

Even if your website is built on a certain niche, you may have the unpleasant surprise to discover that the most popular keywords are already very much targeted, and that you have a lot of competition. Instead of trying to force your way in by using the same keywords – which may not work that well – focus your energy and attention on identifying the long tail keywords that come right after the popular ones. When you learn how to drive organic traffic (free methods), this is very important, because it will help people that run more specific searches find your website.

Patience is key

When you launch a website, organic traffic will not swim towards you right from the get go. However, what search engines love best are websites that are here to stay, and provide interesting, targeted content for months and years. Do not be disappointed if nothing much happens during the first month; as you continue to add content, you will witness a steady growth that cannot be beat.

How to drive organic traffic with optimized articles

You may have heard it plenty of times: optimization is very important when it comes to be seen by search engines. Pick your titles carefully, add a meaningful description that search engines can easily see and index, and be careful with placing your keywords. These three simple rules will take you a long way.

Link building at its best

Another thing that is taken into consideration by search engines is the amount of sites linking in to your website. This builds authority and it shows search engines that you are part of a network. Keep in mind that you must follow ethical rules when you are link building. Find partners to exchange links with, or create good quality content that can be published on other sites, while linking back to you. These are just a few methods on how to drive organic traffic to your website, by using link building.

Content is king

Content is King
Another used and overused phrase – but nonetheless true – when it comes to building organic traffic is that content is king. Make sure that you are producing value for your readers. Unless you create content that drives people to your website, makes them want to share it with others, and link back to you, you will not manage to stay in this game for too long. If you are interested in finding out how to drive organic traffic, you need to be willing to invest some time and effort first. SEO (search engine optimization) and other strategies never produce results instantly, and you will also have to be patient until you will be able to reap the benefits by hiring professional SEO help.

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